The Marcus Mosely Chorale


Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir

The MMC is a community choir...with the emphasis on community. It is Marcus Mosely's vision to create a musical community where each member is supported and encourage to explore and grow vocally and musically. Our core focus will be on African American Gospel music and the cultural and historical context out of which it arose. However we will also explore other forms of music that are in keeping with themes of Social Justice, Civil Rights, Compassion and Charity. As we will be singing "Gospel" music, let's be clear that MMC is an inclusive community. People of all faiths, spiritual paths and disciplines are welcomed as long as they come with an open heart and mind toward others...the enduring rule is Respect. People of all walks of life are, women, Gay, straight, young, old, differently able. Again the enduring rule is Respect.

"If you talk, you can sing"



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